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Hard-To-Believe Ways To Lose Weight With Yoga Practice

Do crunches, pull-ups, and push-ups look like an arduous task to you? Then, yoga can transform your sensitivity to weight loss methods. It can also help you just as it has helped many other people to kick their bad habits and inturn redefined their lifestyles.

When some people hear the word ‘Yoga,’ body poses, stretching, meditation, breath control, peace of mind, and spirituality are some of the things that come to mind. While a lot of people think that yoga cannot burn the number of calories needed for actual weight loss because it is not fast-paced enough, others agreed that yoga is a very effective and a perfect way to shed extra pounds. Yoga is an extraordinary means of putting you in touch with your body in such a way that nothing else can, and still help you lose weight.

Here are some ways yoga practice will help you lose weight tremendously. 

Take A Deep Breath

Breathing is an indispensable part of yoga. However, a lot of people don’t do it well, despite the fact that it is breathing that keeps us alive; meaning that the body does not receive sufficient oxygen. According to the American Lung Association, an average person takes about 12 to 15 minutes breaths per minutes when at rest, which adds up to approximately 17,000 breaths in a day. What are the things that are generally responsible for the ineffective exchange of gases?

  • Poor fluid movement
  • Indigestion
  • And fatigue cause short, puffy breaths.

It is very easy to know the reason we might – at times, feel tired, bloated, or sluggish, at this moment when it is obvious how indispensable suitable breathing is for the functioning of your body. In fact, you can even expect to grow a bit taller once the proper breathing pattern kicks in through yoga because deep breathing is helpful to both the muscles and bones. Take it or leave it; you can also lose fat by breathing! The fact that we breathe out fat as carbon dioxide was buttressed by a research study conducted by the University of New South Wales.

Try A Yoga Pose

Yoga is an ancient practice which is more than stretching, but only a few people realize this. There are different types of popular yoga styles like Hatha, Vinyasa, Sivananda, Kundalini, and Ashtanga that provide various great benefits. Nevertheless, yoga improves your well-being in some universal ways, such as: 

  • Reinstates your inner peace
  • Helps you lose weight
  • Lowers sugar levels and cholesterol
  • Boosts your concentration

When you try different yoga poses, you will discover how it is possible to achieve all these things with an apparently simple practice. For instance:

  • The Boat Pose will help you lose weight and boost the functioning of the thyroid gland and the kidney.
  • On the other hand, Triangle Pose slims down your body, improves backache, and aids digestion. 
  • Seated Forward Bend will soothe anxiety and reduce obesity.
  • While the Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar will play a significant role in weight loss and reduce stress.

Final Thoughts

Yoga lowers cortisol levels, develops healthy eating habits, boosts your metabolism, and produces numerous favorable effects for both the body and mind. Just try a yoga pose or take a deep breath and, discover how you will lose weight tremendously!

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