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How To Look More Toned In A Week?

How To Look More Toned In A Week?


Generally speaking, having big weight loss goals for a short period of time comes with many risks and should be avoided. However, there are some events and special occasions in our life we want to look our best on, such as weddings or holiday trips, and it is acceptable to try to be in our prime shape for those. Bear in mind that nothing beats a regular healthy and active lifestyle.

There are more things than weight loss we should put into consideration, as we can use different tricks to look like we are in our best shape.


  • Diet

There are many strict diets for fast weight loss offered online, and if you work best by having concrete rules on how you should eat, choose one of those, based on your eating preferences. Be sure to modify them according to your personal nutrition needs. On the other hand, you can make your own diet, which could be just a modified version of your usual eating habits. There are a few basic rules you should follow, the most obvious one being, naturally, eating less.

Furthermore, you should entirely leave out junk food from your diet in this period. It includes all fried and processed food as well as sugar. In this period you can use some sugar alternatives such as honey. Moreover, for the best and quickest results, stop eating sugar-rich fruits during this time and go for a high protein/low carb diet, which is proven to burn fat the fastest. Be sure you eat enough unsalted nuts and other healthy fats to get the energy you need since you will most likely often be hungry while on this diet. The easiest way to keep it is to break your food intake in 5-6 small meals, which will undeniably make your week easier. Be sure to drink a lot of water to lessen the chance of any possible health issues.


  • Exercise 

Since you will eat less, you will also have less energy than usual, so expecting to have a full hour and a half intensive gym session would probably be a bit unnecessary. Do a short 20 to 30-minute high-intensity workout instead. It can be any HIIT workout; both strength and cardio exercises will do the job. If you chose cardio, make sure you avoid aerobic training, such as long runs with steady pace. Instead, go for an anaerobic alternative, e.g. sprints, jump rope or a circuit training containing cardio exercises and plyometrics such as burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, jump squats etc. Circuit high-intensity interval training means that you work hard for a period and then rest for a period afterward, repeating this circle numerous times. There are many options for this so choose the one you can endure for 20 to 30 minutes.



  • Wellness

If you wish to look more toned because of a specific, upcoming weekend at the pool or any event where you plan to be a bit more revealing, you should also take care of your skin, since healthy, moisturized skin makes your overall appearance seem more toned. Invest a certain amount of time daily on scrubs, self-massage or maybe the best of all – dry brushing. This eastern technique is favorite among women as a perfect solution for cellulite, stretch marks, and overall skin health. To give your skin an extra boost put coconut oil on your skin and then brush it in, paying most attention to those “problematic” areas. It is popularly chosen as the best at-home cellulite treatment and will make everyone a bit jealous of your skin.


  • Clothing

Last but not least, you can always use clothes in your favor. The first thing you should do is find your body type and then educate yourself on which fashion choices flatter your figure most. There are many resources on this subject and can help you avoid obvious mistakes. Furthermore, feel free to make use of body shapers, compression pants, or anything else offered precisely for these occasions. Just be sure you feel comfortable in them and try them on a few times, to make sure that they do not disturb your special event in any way.

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