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Eight Simple Ways to Have a Better Morning

We’re all so busy and mornings are no exceptions. Often, we are rushing around to have breakfast, plan our day, get children to school, and perform last minute chores before we rush off to work. It’s no wonder so many people hate mornings, they are one of the most important times of the day. Most successful people agree that a good morning routine can make you feel relaxed, in control of your time, and set you up for the challenges of the day. There are many actions you can take to bring these feelings into your own routine and life.

Get Up Earlier

This can seem like terrible advice when all you want to do is hit the snooze button and get five more minutes of sleep before the real world comes barreling down on you. However, getting up early will get your day off to a great start with lots of room for beneficial activities before work.

Move It

Finding time for exercise in the afternoon is difficult. Your willpower and the idea of going to the gym seems less appealing than the idea of flopping on the couch. By switching your exercise to the morning, you can establish a good routine and take advantage of the time when your willpower is at its highest.


The benefits of a daily meditation practice are well documented. It improves focus, increases relaxation, and over time, can give you a more centered and self-aware approach to life. By meditating in the morning, you can gain all these benefits. Take advantage of your higher level of willpower and perhaps get the house to yourself before the rest of the family wakes.

Spend Time with Your Children

Having a meal with your children every day improves your relationship. However, by dinner time, everyone is tired, carrying the problems of the day, and irritable. By swapping the family meal to breakfast, you can still get this family time, but without the problems of the day weighing it down.

Talk to Your Spouse

If you aren’t married, or if your children sleep in, spending time with your spouse before work and before all the day’s interruptions can improve your mood and your relationship. Leave the television off. You might be surprised at the benefits of such a simple idea.

Plan Your Day

Too often we are running around doing busy work and not considering how we can best spend our time to accomplish our goals. By taking time in the morning to reflect, we can begin our day more focused and with a clear idea of what needs to be done to maximize our efforts. Take a look at your goals and commit to doing at least one thing towards them.

Do Something You Love

Getting up earlier can be difficult. Give yourself an incentive to do so by planning time for doing something you enjoy. If you have a favorite hobby or pastime, commit to doing it for a set time every morning. It will give you a lot of pleasure and bring more of that activity into your day to day life.

Work on Key Projects

Whether this is projects for work, or side projects that you are trying to get done, mornings can be a quiet time to get things done without interruptions. If the rest of your day is filled with tasks that must be done but is filled with interruptions, try spending the early morning getting some of the heavy work done.

These are just a few little habits you can add to your morning routine to improve your day and perhaps even your life. Try them and see if they work for you and your life.

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